Do you own an overflowing box of pictures,greeting cards, movie stubs or other delicate keepsakes? What about an assortment of photo albums stuffed like aworld renown, Chicago style deep dish pizza?Have you inherited either one of the above from someone, who may have had them passed down to them from someone, who acquired them from someone else. Then you’re most definitely a hoarder (😆) or memory keeper. Either way I am elated you clicked your way to this blog. Memories with Style  is dedicated to encouraging you to preserve and share your most precious memories
I aspire to do this through posts that motivate you to creatively  preserve your memories.  I will also guide you through fun and innovative techniques. Aside from random creative brain leaks, there will be 30 Minute Memories.,tips and tricks on completing a scrapbook page in 30 minutes or less.Also, Your Memories Your Style, a series that includes  prompts and motivation to help you get your story documented.
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